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Earn Up To $5k/mo Finding Las Vegas Area Houses For Us

Hi! We’re looking for people locally here in Las Vegas who can help us find houses that we can buy from home owners who need to sell.

In exchange we pay $10/hr. (between 10-15 hours per week) plus we pay a really nice “finders fees”… PLUS, as a bonus you’ll get to learn the real estate investment business in the process!

Who Is Buying Nevada Houses And What Is Our Affiliate Program?

We are a part of this community and are passionate about helping homeowners out of their “sticky house situations” by purchasing their house for a fair price. It’s win-win-win solution for all.

We’ve developed a great system for helping homeowners out of a financially negative situation. In addition, one of our missions is to beautify Las Vegas one neighborhood at a time by fixing up properties and getting great home owners into them.

This is where we need your help (and how you can earn up to $5k per monthif you hustle) finding houses that fit what we’re looking for here in the Las Vegas area and surrounding areas… and sending them our way.

How Our Affiliate Cash Incentive Program Works

Really, it’s much simpler than you think.

  1. You find properties that fit our simple buying criteria.
  2. Send them to us (through our simple online form).
  3. If we end up buying the house, we’ll pay you $150 – $750 per property “finders fee” within 7 days.

Do you have a neighbor, friend, or family member who is in financial trouble and needs to sell?

Is there a vacant house at the end of the street that you’d love someone to buy and fix up?

Join our Buying Nevada Houses Affiliate Program below we’ll take it from there.

Once you’ve shared the property information with us, we process all of the paperwork….…you get a finders fee check once we close on that property.

This is something you can do in your spare time for some extra money…

… on the way home from work, in your everyday life… when you find a property that fits what we’re looking for, write it down and submit it.  Plus you’ll be learning about real estate investing in the process!

So How Do I Know What Types Of Properties To Look For?

After you join our Affiliate Program (for FREE on this site) we’ll train you on exactly what to look for and how to submit the properties to us.

  • The places to look for properties.
  • The 3 main criteria we look for on whether a house may be a great deal for us or not.
  • … and more.

And you can start as soon as tonight if you wanted to.

Join Our Local “Cash Incentive” Program FREE Below!


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