D.I.Y Series # 1 – Minor Bathroom Remodels On A Tight Budget In Las Vegas

Minor Bathroom Remodels On A Tight Budget In Las Vegas (scroll down to see DIY Videos)

We’ve performed a few minor bathroom remodels on a tight budget in Las Vegas that turned out great.  The impact it makes will not only please you and your family as the homeowner, it will also go a long way in impressing someone who may potentially buy your home.  Before you start working on your project, you have to make a conscious decision that your bathroom must appeal to the masses.  Therefore, use neutral colors and finishes as well as materials that will appeal to todays home buyers.

Vanity & Sink /  Flooring

One of the most important factors that we found out early on when budgeting for our remodel projects is that shopping at the big box stores like Home Depot , Lowes or surprisingly enough IKEA for vanity sinks is the way to go.  Not only do all three provide an already built cabinet, they often include a sink.  In some cases, you will have to choose what type of faucet fixture will best match up with your new vanity/sink.  The advantage of going this route instead of a custom cabinet and sink is the installation costs………..this is a time and money saver!   By the way, the sink and cabinet combo from Home Depot that you see in the picture below costs $ 1,650 and what a difference it made!

The flooring we chose for this project is a glazed porcelain tile that we were able to buy on sale from Home Depot for $ $ 1.79 per square foot.

Look at the before and after……NICE!
Shower Tile & Tub Enclosure

Removing and replace the shower tile was also not as difficult as it may seem.  We were able to buy the  glass tiles from Home Depot on sale for $ 5.25 per square foot.   Installing a glass shower enclosure gives your bathroom a finished and modern look……a much cleaner look than that old shower curtain!


All in all, we spent approximately, $ 3,200 on this renovation….not bad at all!  It goes to show that “Minor Bathroom Remodels On A Tight Budget” in Las Vegas is achievable!  Here’s proof that this is a worthy investment in your home, in Baltimore, for instance, a $9,400 bathroom remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale, according to Remodeling’s study.  If you have the time and are a bit handy, its definitely worth your time, money and effort to spruce up your bathrooms.  If not, we believe that hiring a competent and reasonable contractor to do the work is also worth considering.




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