Does your real estate agent have your best interest in mind?

We subscribe to the belief that most Real Estate agents do have your best interest in mind!

The most important thing that you have to think about is “YOUR” situation based on your timeframe and the condition of your home.

  • If you are not dictated by a hard timeframe and are flexible then using a Real Estate agent is the best way to sell your home.
  • If your expectations relative to the selling price of your home matches the condition of your home, then using a Real Estate agent is the way to go.

However, if you have a timeframe that is firm and you have to sell your home quickly, then we certainly can help you out.  Also, if the condition of your home requires extensive repairs or if you’ve made improvements that are not permitted, we can certainly help you out.

So, once you decide to sell your home, it can be helpful to start thinking of yourself as a businessperson and a home seller, rather than as the home’s owner. By looking at the transaction from a purely financial perspective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling the property that you’ve undoubtedly created many memories in.

If we can make one suggestion, please ask these questions when you interview a potential Real Estate agent.

Freakonomics Asks: Does your real estate agent have your best interest in mind?
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