Get Your Las Vegas Backyard Pool Ready For Summer!

Lets Get Your Las Vegas Backyard Pool Ready For Summer!

YES……its that time of the year folks, its going to be very hot before you know it, so lets get your Las Vegas backyard pool ready for summer!

Don’t procrastinate because spring time is here, the swimming pool season is less than a month away. The earlier you start-up the swimming pool, the better. Opening your swimming pool a few weeks earlier than normal can mean the difference between saving you money or costing more money.  Getting your pool ready is easy if you are organized and do it right the first time around.  The following tips will have you on your way to enjoying your backyard pool with the family in no time.

Step 1:

Remove any debris and loose items along with any standing water in and around the pool area.  This will prevent or minimize any of the loose leaves and other debris from falling into the pool when removing the cover.

Pool cover with loose debris around the pool

Step 2:

Make sure that you ask for some assistance in removing your pool cover.  Remove the water tubes, (in ground winter cover), anchors (in ground safety cover) or cable and winch (above ground winter cover). You can empty the water from the water tubes into the pool before placing them in a trash bag or container for storage. *For safety covers you will want to use the anchor key to put the anchors down so that no one trips over them during the cover removal.  Starting from one end of the pool, have a person on each side of the pool grab the cover and walk it towards the opposite end of the pool. Repeat this process until the cover is folded on one end of the pool. Make sure that before you put the pool cover away for the summer that its clean and dry so that it will last you for many seasons.  Once the pool cover is dry, sprinkle some baking soda on the cover to help prevent any mold or mildew and store in a large trash bag or container.

Step 3:

Once you have the pool cover off, using your garden hose, fill the pool with fresh water up to the midway point of your skimmer.

Step 4:

While your waiting for you pool to fill back up with water, skim the pool and remove any loose debris that may have fallen in when you removed your pool cover.

Step 5:

Once the water level is up to the midway point of your wall skimmer, its time to prime your pool.  Priming your pool depends on the condition you left it when you winterized your pool last fall.  In other words, if you blew out the water from your pools plumbing then you will have to reintroduce water into the system prior to starting your pump system.  When your pump system is fully primed, the system components, pipes, pump, filter etc., are filled with water and the pool pump is able to suck water from the pool and push it back into the pool through pool returns. The following procedure assumes that you have no or little water in the system. Visible indications of low water are no or little water in the pump strainer box, and a low pressure reading on the pool filter pressure gage. The following video will walk you through the steps.

How to PRIME a Swimming POOL PUMP | Swim University

Make sure that you have checked all of the visible piping and pump components for leaks.  If you are experiencing leaks, turn your pool pump system off and shut off the energy supply from the circuit breaker.  The following video will help you diagnose the problem and help you repair the leaks.

How to Fix Leaking Swimming Pool PVC Pipes

Step 6:

Hopefully, you didn’t experience any leaks with your pool pump system.  If the swimming pool water is clear enough to see the bottom, you can vacuum any leaves or debris. If you are vacuuming through your filter system, switch your valve to waste (does not apply to cartridge filters). This will allow all the debris that is being vacuumed to bypass the filter and be flushed out through the waste port. The water level will drop while you do this. You can fill up the swimming pool using a garden hose while you vacuum. Continue to let the pump run non stop (24 hours per day).

Step 7:

After all the debris has been removed, take a sample of the swimming pool water. Make certain that you take it from the deep end while the pump and filter are running and at least a foot below the water level.  We suggest that you take your sample to a local pool supplier for an analysis of your pool water.  Most pool suppliers offer this service for free.  Obtaining the proper chemical levels will be vital to a safe and crystal clear pool. Continue to let the pump run non stop (24 hours per day).

Step 8:

Once the proper chemical levels have been achieved and the swimming pool water is being filtered and circulated properly, you can set the swimming pool timer (if you have one) to operate on schedules. The swimming pool water needs to be circulated at least 6-12 hours per day depending on the size of the pool and related equipment. If the swimming pool should turn green, bypass the timer and let the filter and pump run 24 hours per day and check and adjust the chemical levels as needed.

Step 9:

This is the easiest step……go and enjoy your pool!!!!!!  Be safe and have a great summer of fun! If you don’t have the time to do this work, call our friends at “Las Vegas Pool Dudes” who will do a great job to get your pool ready for summer!




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