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Home Security 101….Wired systems and wireless systems both work effectively but each have their “Pros” and “Cons”

I would like to share our Home Security story with you guys because when we moved into our new home we were faced with so many options that we didn’t know where to start.  Like it our not, when you move into your new home, your phone will be ringing off the hook from home security companies that somehow know your phone number and that you have just moved into your new house.  The phone calls are pleasant at first but then they proceed to tell you that there have been a recent string of break-ins in your neighborhood and then asks you if you’ve chosen a home security system for your new house. WARNING.….DO NOT EVER TELL THEM THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A SECURITY SYSTEM!!!  This is HOME SECURITY 101…….first and foremost, you are not certain if the person you are talking to you is from a legitimate home security firm.  They could be scoping out your situation so that they can engage in some nefarious plan…..you just don’t know?  I had to coach my wife and son so that if they received a call from someone representing themselves as a representative from XYZ Security or whomever, that their response is always yes…we have an active system in place but I don’t know much about it….period.

The home security business is booming due to the fact that the internet has uncoupled homeowners from the hardwired system (usually through your landline phone system) of old like ADTHoneywell as well as a host of others.  D.I.Y. wireless security systems have become so popular because they offer systems with very little upfront money with the option of expanding a system by adding cameras and other monitoring devices as needed.  The boom in Smart Home Systems have attracted  homeowners because they are so easy to install.

The process to choosing the best security system for your home can be daunting task. When researching a security system the features, price, expansion capabilities and security concerns should all be taken into consideration.

A wireless system may be more flexible but a hardwired system may be more reliable. Wired systems and the wireless systems both work effectively but each have their “Pros” and “Cons”…..so lets break it down.
Infographic: Americans Keen on Smart Home Security | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Wired System (Hardwired security system – Sensors placed throughout the building on doors and windows are wired directly to a control panel.)


  • More reliable than a wireless system.
  • The system is less likely to have radio or electrical interference from other devices.
  • Many of the components will be compatible with upgrades.
  • Hardwired systems run on a/c power with battery backup in case of an electrical interruption.
  • They offer a lower long term cost, no frequent battery replacement.
  • Connect through phone or computer system for remote monitoring.
  • Good for medium to larger homes.


  • Can be difficult to install in some homes.
  • Hiding all the wires may be a challenge.
  • Once installed, it may be difficult to remove and move to a new location.
  • Labor costs can be higher.
  • Renter? Will your landlord allow you to drill holes into the walls, floors and ceilings?
  • Exposed wires can get damaged.
  • Wiring a sensor to a particular point in the building may not be practical.
  • System LOCK-IN…..you are locked into the system that you have chosen for the long haul…..ADT systems and Honeywell Systems are not compatible with one another meaning that if you want to change from say a ADT to a Honeywell system, you will have to have your whole system re-wired and new sensors and equipment will have to be installed.

Wireless System  (Wireless security system – Sensors placed throughout the building on doors and windows transmit signals to a control panel via radio waves.)


  • Relatively quick to install.
  • Easier to reach inaccessible locations.
  • Cost-effective installation.
  • The system can be moved fairly easily.
  • Flexible and can easily and quickly be extended to keep pace with growing family needs.
  • Suitable for smaller or medium homes.
  • Good alternative for a concrete or cinderblock building.
  • Sometimes it can be integrated with other wireless systems.
  • Connect through phone or computer system for remote monitoring.
  • No wires to run.


  • More costly in the long run, replacing batteries can be costly and time consuming.
  • There can be radio interference, sensor issues in large buildings due to the distance from the sensor to the control panel.
  • Components can cost more.

Everyone’s situation and needs are certainly very different and it all boils down to a personal choice.   After weighing out the advantages and disadvantages of each system, we decided to go with AT&T’s “Digital Life” system which is a combination of both worlds….a hybrid system which uses both wireless and hardwired technology.  We like the fact that it communicates with their central communications center via its own cellular phone system and that its very reliable.

In today’s world, we are all working very hard for the “Whys” in our life…..we have to protect those “Whys”.

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