How To Sell Your Las Vegas House Before Christmas?

How To Sell Your Las Vegas House Before Christmas

Do you have your heart set on celebrating Christmas day in your new home? Realistically, unless you have secured a buyer by mid September, you may struggle to be in your new home before Christmas due to the lengthy timeframes of closing on a property.

When you consider the time it takes to get an offer, go through the home selling process and to close on the sale of your property; selling in time for Christmas is already looking more like a dream rather than a reality. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I want to be in my new home before Christmas; How long does it take to sell a house?

There are various factors that influence the answer, much of which we have no control. If we quote the average time it takes to sell a house in a particular price range, we must point out that some of the homes selected in the search sold in one week while others may have taken 15 weeks to sell.

You should allow around 30 days to get a solid offer and then you’ll need to allow an additional 45 days from the point of accepting your offer to closing on the property.

There are of course instances where sellers are able to achieve a house sale in much shorter timescales, however, there are also instances where is takes far longer than the averages stated!

Even if you do secure an offer from a buyer, there’s no guarantee that your house sale will be successful because some home sales fall through.

Is it possible to be in my new home before Christmas Day if I haven’t received an offer by September?

In essence yes, it is still possible to achieve a house sale this side of Christmas. However, to do so you will need to be super organised and work everyone hard that’s involved in the sale to make sure you hit your deadlines!

Selling a house can be an emotional rollercoaster at the best of times, but trying to secure a house sale in under 3 months can be especially nail biting!

Follow these steps for the best chance of achieving a house sale before Christmas 2017

Step one: Declutter & Fix

It’s easy to see that making your house look lovely on a bright sunny day, when the flowers are in bloom, may be child’s play. But making it a cosy, inviting, festive haven in the run up to Christmas can be just as easy.

For some people a move at Christmas would be too stressful. Keeping the house clear of the detritus that follows days of festive entertaining in the wet and windy months is enough to send some people over the edge. But don’t forget – people need to buy and sell houses at all times of the year.

To give yourself the best chance of selling your property quickly on the open market, you should stage your home to show its full potential. Ensure your property is looking at it’s best: brighten up the property by carrying out any decorating touch-ups required and make sure you fully declutter and fix any of those small DIY snags you’ve been meaning to do!

Step two: Hire A Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent initiates the house selling process. Make sure you invite at least three  real estate agents to  evaluate your property. This will allow you to compare valuations, selling strategies and fees. You may want to opt for an online estate agent because of the cheaper fees, but you must be aware by going down this route you will be responsible for directly handling all viewings and negotiations with any potential buyers. It’s also important to understand the different contract terms offered by estate agents to make sure you’re not signing a contract that will unfairly tie you in!

Step three: Make sure you are happy with your Property Listing

Real estate agents will list properties for sale on the MLS. Believe it or not, websites like Trulia & Redfin gets millions of visits a month so ensuring your property stands out against the crowd is really important, especially if you are fighting against time! Look over the listing and make sure you are happy with the photos and description. If you’re not happy, ask your real estate agent to make revisions. You should never feel nervous about approaching your real estate agent and questioning what they have done. At the end of the day, you’re paying your real estate agent, therefore they should be acting in your best interest.

It’s important that you price your property realistically, especially if you are looking to secure quick house sale. Real estate agents will often suggest going with an asking price that’s significantly higher than the price they would expect you to achieve, in order to ‘test’ the market – you never know, you might happen to stumble across a buyer who is keen to move very quickly and prepared to pay a premium to ensure they secure the property before any other buyers have the opportunity to view, but the chances of that happening are very slim, so if you motivation is to sell your house and move before Christmas, you’d definitely be best advised to be realistic on valuation.

Step four: Secure a new Mortgage

There’s little doubt that the new mortgage lending criteria has had a massive effect on the number of people being approved for a loan. Therefore, it’s vital to get your finances in order before you start looking for houses. If you can get a Pre-Approved Mortgage, you’ll be in an advantageous position compared to other buyers.

Step four: Buying your new home

So you’ve listed your property, you’ve got your mortgage sorted, now you all need to worry about is finding your new dream home! The best place to start your search is probably working directly with your real estate agent, they’ll know your circumstances and preferences.

Step five: While you’re Waiting for Buyer

As long as your property is valued correctly, and your listing looks good and the supply and demand levels are working in your favor, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t get some good interest in your property.

Stay in regular contact with your real estate agent and ask for updates on how many inquiries they have received and what the viewer feedback has been. Act on any feedback you can; for example, if viewers are feeding back that the living room is too small, why not temporarily put any large furniture into storage to increase the perception of space.

By following theses simple steps, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to secure a house sale before Christmas, however, there are never any guarantees when selling on the open market! Realistically, if you haven’t had received an offer for your property by the end of September, selling and moving house before Christmas is starting to look like a very unachievable task!!

How can I guarantee a house sale before Christmas 2017?

If you have already found your new dream home and are having no luck selling on the open market. You may want to see how much we can offer to buy your home in as little as 7 days, thats because we buy Las Vegas houses very quickly.

What’s more, if you choose to sell your home to us, you are in complete control of your closing date. Buying Nevada Houses can buy any Las Vegas house in as little as 7 days, which means moving into your new home this side of Christmas is a definite reality!


Selling your house between Christmas and the New Year…

You may think it’s impossible to sell a house within the festive period, but that’s simply not the case!

As long as you plan carefully and follow a few simple tips, you should be able to sell a house at Christmas without too much difficulty at all. In fact, with a little bit of Christmas sparkle and festive staging, selling a house between Christmas and the New Year could be a breeze!

Don’t clutter with the Christmas decorations

Viewers want to be able see the property they’re considering buying, so it’s important not to over-clutter! Too many festive ornaments or tinsel will make your rooms look and feel smaller.

Keep your marketing photos Christmas free

Anything Christmas related in your marketing photography is going to date your listing very quickly. I’ts always advisable to keep your property photographs neutral and timeless.

Don’t be a scrooge

There’s no need to completely ignore the festive season in your bid to sell a house at Christmas, but it’s important to keep your decorations tasteful and make sure they don’t distract from everything your property has to offer.

Selling a house on the open market is as much about selling a lifestyle as it is the property itself. You want to help potential buyers picture themselves living in the property next Christmas. Definitely embrace the festive season, but keep it simple.

Make sure your property listing is working, even when your real estate agent isn’t

There may be fewer property visits happening over the Christmas period, but that doesn’t mean that people stop their property hunt. In fact, the ‘time-off’ many people have between Christmas and New Year provides the perfect opportunity to start a property search.

If your property is represented well and priced right, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have potential buyers lining up for viewings by the start of January.

If you’re keen to sell a house at Christmas without the stress and hassle of property viewings and estate agent negotiations, Buying Nevada Houses could buy your house in as little as 7 days. Timed to fit with your onward move, Buying Nevada Houses can provide a guaranteed sale that will free you up to start the New Year in your home.

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