Get Paid When You Refer Us To A Homeowners House That We Buy!!!

Buying Nevada Houses offers a great referral program to all Las Vegas locals who would like to make an easy $ 750 to $ 1,000 per lead.  How? Let us know about an abandoned or really crappy house or for every person that you send our way that needs to sell their home quickly, regardless of the condition of the home and we end up buying their home….the money is yours.

We’ll give you access to a phone app that allows you to document the properties you’ve identified so that you can track what properties you’ve entered into our system.

Once you’ve shared the property information with us, we’ll contact the owner of the property and take care of the rest of the paperwork….…if we buy the property…….you’ll get your referral fee…. on the day of closing.  Just fill out the form below with all of the details and we’ll contact you as soon as we receive it.  Talk to you soon!

Deal Finders Program

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