Can You Sell A House During the COVID-19 Situation?

Many real estate professionals agree that the biggest advantage sellers have right now is that there is less competition as many sellers are hitting pause. And with people forced to spend more time at home and find ways to pass the time, more eyes may fall on your listing.

“If someone is looking to sell, inventory remains low and most buyers are out there scouting the internet for the property that fits their needs. They get maximum digital exposure and visibility, thus giving them the best chance of selling their home within their ideal timeline.”

However, keep in mind that while you may have less competition during this time, you may also have fewer buyers.

With people turning their focus to their health and safety, there may be less interest in house hunting at the moment. They may not want to – or are not allowed to – walk through a stranger’s home and put their health at risk. There is also the uncertainty of whether they will be able to make a house payment in the future, with so much uncertainty over the economy and people getting laid off in droves. They may decide to wait it out to see where their finances are once the fallout from COVID-19 has revealed itself and passed.

For sellers who still have a pool of potential buyers, most, if not all, will be viewing your home virtually. Because of this, technology troubles or any lack of preparation can also hinder your sale. Chances are sellers could be responsible for taking photos and virtual tours of their homes during social distancing. This could pose a problem for those who lack professional equipment or basic photography skills, including knowledge of lighting techniques and proper angles. Sellers may also have problems uploading and sending photos and videos, too. All of this can have a negative impact on how house hunters view your home – and the virtual view is all some sellers will have to be able to provide. Not getting that great first impression online will hurt a seller’s prospect for selling at top dollar.

As a house buyer, we can take a look at your property by asking you to take a few pictures or videos of the property.  Our assessments are very thorough and our quote to purchase your property is firm. Once we agree on a price to purchase your property, we ask for a ONE-TIME physical visit to confirm the condition of the property just prior to closing on it. That’s it….we can complete this process most often in 10 days or less to get you PAID!  Give us a call for a no obligation quote at 702-583-7824 or simple fill out the form below.

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