“Do You Need To Bail A Loved One Out Of Jail In Las Vegas?”

Are you in a terrible situation that you have to bail a loved one out of jail and can’t find the money to do so?

What are your options?

Far too many of us live paycheck to paycheck.

That means it would be a real struggle to come up with $100 for an emergency — to say nothing of $400 or $500 — without going deeper into debt.

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes: unexpected medical expenses, car trouble, getting laid off — or even jail.

People don’t usually expect to wind up in jail, and it can be expensive to bail out yourself or someone else.

The standard bail amounts in Las Vegas are:

  • Most misdemeanors: $1,000
  • Gross misdemeanors: $2,000
  • Felonies: $5,000 to $20,000 (depending on felony category)

The amount a bondsman can charge to bail someone out is set by state law. Specifically, NRS 697.300 states that a bail bondsman in Nevada must charge 15 percent of the total bond amount for his services.

In fact, the expense can be so prohibitive that some people end up staying in jail longer than they have to.

Gothamist reports that half the people sitting in Las Vegas jails are there because they don’t have the bail money they need to get out.

If you got a call from a friend or family member who needed to quickly raise bail money, would you know where to turn? Here are some easy ways to get cash.

  • Have a garage sale.
  • Take a bunch of clothes to your local consignment shop.
  • If you have an emergency fund, this may be the time to dip in to it.
  • Offer to do odd jobs on TaskRabbit.
  • Cash in recyclables at a collection center.

If you’ve exhausted all your options and are still short on the money you need to bail out a jailed  friend or family member, you may consider selling your home.

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