How Do We Come Up With Our Price (there’s no secret to it)?

When we sit down with a homeowner, the most common question we get is: “HOW DO WE COME UP WITH OUR OFFER PRICE?”. There really is no secret to it……so here we go….

The first thing we do is have our inspector to go through your home to find out what works and what doesn’t so that we can document and make everything work safely and properly.

Secondly, we have our home designer determine what upgrades we have to make, that will give us the opportunity to sell the house for the highest price in that specific neighborhood.  The families that are buying homes today are looking for a remodeled kitchen, bathrooms, upgraded flooring, fresh paint, spruced up landscaping, new appliances and fixtures. Families are looking for all the newest and greatest features when looking to buy a home. Here’s a Wall St. Journal report that outlines the “Top 10 Upgrades to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar”.  Our in-house project management team  takes between 3 to 6 months to rehab a typical home.

After we’ve completed the rehab project, we work with a Rockstar real estate agent to make sure that our newly rehabbed property is marketed like crazy by having tons of open houses and walk throughs.  We pay our Rockstar realtor 5 % because that’s what its going to take to get you the most money for our newly rehabbed property.

Some of our other out-of-pocket expenses are carrying costs, utilities (electrical/gas/water/sewer), insurance and property taxes.

After going through this process and praying that we do our math right, we hope that we can make a profit.

A Breakdown Of Our Costs


It a nutshell that is how our business works.  And now you know!!!!

Now if you’re interested in selling your property for cash, quick and easy, we can give you a price down to the penny.  You can give us a quick call or text at 702-583-7824 or fill out the quick and easy form below.

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