“How To Report A Squatter In Las Vegas”

Combating squatters takes a communities effort and awareness. All the neighbors in your community must keep an eye on the situation.

It’s in their best interest because squatted-on properties are sometimes noted on neighborhood listings and squatters directories, which tends to lower the value of homes around the known squatter home.

Signs that you may squatters living next door to you

  • Someone is occupying the vacant home at all times
  • Windows are boarded up or blacked out for protection
  • There is activity around the home—trash, visitors, mail being delivered, vehicles coming and going—when it is supposed to be vacant

The good news is that there is something you can do if you suspect squatters have taken over a part, or all of your property. Do you part and contact the authorities about your suspicions.

You can contact Action News 13 by filling out an online form that they have developed.  Go to their website here: ACTION NEWS 13. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a dedicated hotline to report suspected squatters, call 3-1-1 or 702-828-3111. The city of North Las Vegas residents can also call code enforcement at 702-633-1677 and the City of Henderson residents can visit cityofhenderson.com.


Join forces with your neighbors by keeping an eye on the suspected property, looking for clues like the ones outlined above, and to report back on anything suspicious.

Keeping squatters out is truly a community effort, and works best when everyone is aware and on-board with a neighborhood plan. And a vacant home listing is not only very appealing to squatters for obvious reasons, it also goes relatively unnoticed when new people come and go, or someone finally moves in.

You and your neighbors can be proactive by creating a “Neighborhood Watch” program. These programs assists local communities get organized so that these bad elements don’t take growth in their neighborhood. It takes a whole community to work together….get started today….lets keep Las Vegas safe!