Sell Your Mobile Home FAST….hassle free!

You’re probably wondering how this all works or even who we areWe Buy All Mobile Homes, FAST and FAIR!

Well here it is… if you’re looking to sell your mobile home trailer quickly in Las Vegas, Boulder City or Mesquite, then we’d like the opportunity to buy your Las Vegas mobile home from you with a fair cash price.

If you’re in some situation saying, “I need to sell my mobile home fast!”, and searching for a home buyer ASAP… then we are the right service for you. (Even if you don’t need an urgent sale NOW but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a buyer or have too many repairs, we can help!)

Whether the situation is you have a home with…

  • $3,000-$15,000 worth of repairs (or more) and you don’t to want to deal with it anymore
  • …or… you can’t afford the space rent anymore and facing an eviction from the park
  • …or… you can’t find a buyer
  • …or… you just need to sell your manufacture house fast…

If you want a quick solution and you’re saying, “How do I sell my mobile home fast in Las Vegas?”… that’s where we step in. We’re looking for more mobile homes to buy in Las Vegas. And we can help with a fair cash offer and we can even buy it today.

Your Options When Selling a Mobile Home

Unfortunately, in the mobile home industry, there is usually only 2 options for homeowners. And that’s to list it with a realtor or list it themselves. And that’s a perfectly acceptable option for those willing to roll up their sleeves to fix some things and to wait patiently for a buyer… in fact, most sellers are going to use a realtor no problem!

However… what about the ones that don’t have that option:

  1. The ones who are forced to sell for some time-limited event in their life?
  2. Or they need to sell for whatever reason but their home is damaged beyond an easy fix which makes the homes appeal un-sellable and they can’t (physically, financially, or emotionally) deal with fixing it up?
  3. Or the ones who are about to lose the home due to back payments owed in rent space and they can’t pay those payments back? They are about to ruin their credit and get NOTHING for their home.
  4.  Or the ones who just don’t want to deal with all the hassle and need a guaranteed buyer and an immediate sale?

Those types of homeowners have no other option. And unfortunately for them, there are no other services that can help except for this person writing to you now.

Most who I don’t reach (or they don’t know about me) end up just packing up and leaving the mobile home for the parks picking (or waiting months pulling their hair because of the frustrations).  They get NOTHING and they even ruined their credit.

  • But how about a similar way in which you can still pack up and go stress-free while getting money in your pocket AND keeping your credit intact?
  • You can sell your mobile without any hassle and in its as-is condition while moving on with your life…
  • Heck, you can even do this while never leaving the couch until I buy the place.

“How Much Do You Offer?”

You may be asking, “Is this a low-ball offer?” And my answer is that my offers are ALWAYS fair offers based on REAL numbers. But, the reality of it is, SOME people may be excepting a full (over) retail price. And if you are, then yes, our offer MAY seem low to you depending on your goals.

However, we don’t base our offers off of situations, but pure numbers. That’s why we don’t take advantage of situations and just throw low-ball offers that offend people. But, at the same time, we can’t offer full retail price for your home. If your home is worth $30,000 as-is,  I won’t be able to buy it for $30,000.

Because, in order for me to continue offering homeowners a way out… an option to sell their mobile home quickly, found nowhere else… while still making a reasonable profit, I have to buy them slightly below retail value.

That’s why this service isn’t for everyone. However, I’m upfront about the whole process and all your options.

We can guarantee that

  • You get fast cash offer in one day (a cash offer can take months for a mobile home)
  • You can save your credit in one day 
  • You get ALL the paperwork handled by us (and I’ll negotiate with the park if needed),
  • We take over your home in its current condition (bugs, repairs, cleanup, and all),
  • You never deal with hassle of contractors/handymen,
  • You never deal with headaches of fixing up the place to make it into a desirable home (dealing with any surprises you might find like mold while paying months of space rent)
  • You never deal with the day-to-day tasks of listing a house
  • You never deal with open houses, the buyer appointments, and the demanding buyers,
  • and, never risk the house not selling.

So, at this point… after you get your fair cash offer, we get park approved, and we trade title for cash… you’ve moved far away from all the stress that comes with selling a mobile home…(With cash in your pocket and a smile on your face)!

We can’t promise full retail price for your mobile home…


What we can promise you is that:

  • You can sell your mobile home today (or whenever is comfortable)…  as opposed to waiting 2-8 months.
  • Sell your home without lifting a finger for repairs…. sell it as-is. We’ll risk putting up $5,000-$20,000 to repair it.
  • Sell your mobile home for cash the number one problem with selling a used mobile home is that no one will finance it. So if you’re trying to sell a used home you’ll have to find someone with cash, which is a limited number of buyers and will take time.
  • Sell a mobile home hassle-free… we understand the process and paperwork it takes to sell one of these bad boys, so we’ll handle the work of title, bill of sale, and home occupancy documents AND you won’t have to clean up any of the mess or clutter you don’t want… leave it behind.
  • Sell your mobile home trailer guaranteed… if you choose to go forth with us, we won’t have any second thoughts. And we have the cash ready to buy your mobile home as-is.
  • Sell it for a FAIR offer… although, like we mentioned it might be below retail value, it will be a fair price that no one else like us can beat.


… getting the peace of mind knowing your house (regardless of what it looks like or what it smells like, and regardless of what you leave behind) is sold today… without… all the hassle of listing it and finding a buyer.

Regardless of the situation, if you’re being forced to sell your Las Vegas mobile home for any kind of stressful reason:

sell my mobile home fast
Local Mobile Home Buyers In Las Vegas
  • can’t afford the space rent any longer,
  • moving,
  • need money ASAP,
  • lost your job and are behind on payments,
  • have tenants who aren’t paying rent,
  • the park has a lien on your mobile home (don’t let this become an eviction and ruin your credit),
  • or just need to sell it fast for whatever reason,

… then we’ll help by getting you out of your mess in no time.

Even if your mobile home is:

  • not on permanent foundation (we buy mobile homes on land, in parks, and/or on permanent foundations)
  • trashed
  • needs thousands of dollars in repairs
  • inherited and you don’t want to deal with it
  • too big and need to downsize
  • vacant because you tried to make it into an investment but it didn’t work

We can guarantee you a quick and hassle-free sale of your mobile home in Las Vegas regardless of the situation.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Call us at 702-583-7824 OR fill in the contact form below
  2. You’ll talk to us and you’ll give us a few bits of information.
  3. We’ll give you an offer over the phone (or a price range if we are unsure of the costs at that park).
  4. We’ll go to your home to see it (sometimes depending on the area we don’t have to do this). Then we’ll give you an official offer to buy your mobile home.
  5. If you agree to the no-haggle price, we’ll start the paperwork and the process with the park.
  6. Once park approves, we’ll meet when it’s convenient for you and you get a truckload of cash for selling your home as-is.

Even if you’re slightly interested, then don’t wait to lock in your offer.

There are 2 real reasons why you should hurry and call immediately.

  1. We have a limited amount of cash to buy mobile homes... we’re a family owned business using our own money to buy homes. So our ability to buy your home is limited to whether or not we have cash. But if you call now you can lock in your offer and we set aside the money to buy your home (with a reasonable amount of time)
  2. Parks are known to stop the sale if you owe too much… if you’re waiting until the last minute where you’re about to be evicted for overdue rent space… I have personally experienced parks who deny you the sale (even though you have a real approved buyer standing in front of them), because their greed gets in the way and they want to take your mobile home for free!
we buy hemet mobile homes
We Buy Mobile Homes in Any Condition

So, secure your house sale ASAP before it’s too late, even if you need a month to pack, that’s not a problem… but secure your peace of mind today while we can buy your home.

Our offer is guaranteed and of no-obligation.

Call today to find out how we can help: 702-583-7824




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