“Tenant Troubles With Your Las Vegas Property?”

According to the Clark County website: All evictions must begin with a NOTICE. There are several types of notices to choose from. You may not always be able to use the quickest notice available. You must choose one that applies to your specific situation. There are separate notices and processes for manufactured homes and non-manufactured homes.  An eviction may cost $200 or more from start to finish, depending on the circumstances. Evictions may take anywhere from 10 to 180 days, depending on the circumstances of the case.  You may post your own notice or you may use the Constable’s Office to do so.

Nevada Revised Statute 118A.390 makes it illegal for a landlord to use “self-help evictions” to carry out an eviction.  For example, a landlord cannot change out a tenant’s locks without the involvement of the Court, the Sheriff, or Constable.  A landlord cannot try to force the tenant off of the property by making living conditions “unbearable”.

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