Speed & Convenience is what sets us apart…..its as simple as 1,2 & 3!

Contact us via phone call or text at 702-583-7824 or by filling out the quick and easy form below to begin the process. We will contact you within 24 hours so that we can have a conversation that typically lasts 10-15 minutes. It allows us to fully understand your property and what your goals and needs are. We are not just home buyers, we sincerely want to do what is best for you. We want to be able to offer you options and possible solutions so that you can make an informed decision.


We will come out to your house and thoroughly inspect it and make you a hard offer on the spot with the intention of buying your home at that price.


Closing. We allow you to pick the date of your choice, assuming there are no holdups with the title. At closing, we pay all the fees. All that you’ll have to pay is what you may owe on your home, your prorated property taxes and or HOA fees if they apply. That’s it! You are now free of all the stress that comes with selling a house!


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