Are You Trying To Sell Your Home On Your Own?

Rather than going through the hassle of picking a realtor, there are some homeowners that choose to sell their home on their own. This is known as a “for sale by owner” or FSBO. The obvious benefits are the potential savings of paying commission to your realtor and you may also be able to sell your home for a higher price? However, these are the homes that typically end up still being on the market for months. If you are considering doing a FSBO, we encourage you read this list before you make your decision.

You’ll Have To Wait.

Current homeowners who have their house listed with a Real Estate agent or are trying the FSBO route as it’s often the case is that you won’t be able to finance another house before you sell the one you’re in. So you’ll have to wait for the perfect buyer to come along.

Repairs Or Renovations

Your typical buyers off of the street is usually visited by the people who are the decision makers, ie…husband and wife, etc..  These buyers are picky when they’re looking for their next home.  They will only see how they will live in your home based on its current condition and that if they are not happy with a particular feature, they may just walk away.  Most homeowners invest some of their hard earned monies into their homes prior to putting it up for sale so that it will be attractive to potential buyers. It may take weeks or months, in addition to working with contractors to get your house into tip-top-shape.

Typical Remodeled Kitchen Project


Marketing, Taking Calls, Opening Your House To Strangers, Advertising

You will have to find potential buyers to look at your home.  Be it on the internet, posting a sign in from of your house, printing flyers…..its a lot of work to find someone to just look at your house.  Please remember this….”NO ONE WILL KNOW YOU ARE SELLING YOUR HOME UNLESS YOU LET THEM KNOW IT’S FOR SALE”.  It’s your responsibility to bring the buyer to see your house……you may have a lot of people looking but that may not necessarily result in a sale.

Vetting Potential Buyers

You’ll have to make sure that when a potential buyer wants to see your home that they are financially able to actually purchase your home.  Also, you’ll have to take into consideration that if they currently own a home and will have to sell it prior to buying your home, it may take at least 3-6 months, and that’s if the buyer qualifies for a loan to buy your house. So many traditional sales fall through because of financing or other contingencies.

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