What’s Your House Worth?

The days of calling your local Realtor or hiring an expensive appraiser just to find out what your home is worth are falling behind the times. Appraisers and Real Estate Agents typically research the values of properties that are currently on the market and others that have sold in the past in order to come up with an appropriate value for your home.

In order to get an unbiased evaluation, we use CoreLogic® to determine what the current home values are for the homes that we evaluate. The top lenders and half a million real estate professionals use CoreLogic’s home valuation data every single day.

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If you would like to sell your home but are unable to pay for the necessary repairs and upgrades that will allow you to sell, we’d love to give you a fair offer to buy your home today, regardless of its condition. Please give us a call or text at 702-583-7824.